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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Google Search will change on mobile soon, know how Google will look

Now you can do Google search on your mobile quite easily. 
For this, the company has redesigned the mobile Google search. Now users will see a different format of Google search on mobile. Search company Google has given information about this in its blog post. Google designer Aileen Cheng stated that the purpose of introducing the new format is to keep users focused on search content. With which users will be able to quickly access their discovered information. He told that the designer has used large and bolder text for this. He further explained that the size of section titles has also been increased so that users can get a good search experience. He informed that Google is also adding its own fonts to make the mobile search format beautiful which you will see on Android and Gmail.

Changes in
the visual space Google has also changed the visual space of search results which will improve the content reading experience of the users. Also, Google has used bold color and muted tone. This will mean that the attention of the users will go to the required information without moving around.

Search results will appear in the rounded design In a
new update of the mobile Google search, the search has been made in the rounded design. This has been done so that the rounded icons and images will be more visible.

New update will be available soon
You will get new update of Google search on mobile soon. But the company has not yet given any date for releasing the new update.

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