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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Fabulous! This car will run without petrol and charging, will catch 100Km speed in just 3.5 seconds

Automobile companies from all over the world are planning to make electric vehicles and some of these companies are also those who can also launch electric cars this year. But meanwhile, a US company Aptera has created a car that will never need to be charged. This car works by taking energy directly from the sun and it does not need to be charged again and again. The company has designed this car like a fighter plane and despite having such an advanced design, its price is very low. So let's know everything about this car…

100KM speed will be achieved in just 3.5 seconds

The company making this car Aptera Motors Corp is an American startup based in San Diego, California. The car is named Aptera Paradigm which captures speeds of zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.5 seconds and the car can be run at a maximum speed of 177 kilometers per hour. This car can be run for 1000 miles i.e. about 1,600 kilometers on a single charge.

Sold out in 24 hours of launch, the
company recently started the pre-order sale of this car and it was sold out in less than 24 hours. According to the company, it will deliver it in the US in the end of 2021 and after that it will be launched in other countries in 2022. The reason for the demand of this car is its tremendous range and no charging system. This car absorbs energy through sunlight, which makes this car run both day and night.

Price and features of Aptera Paradigm
This is a three wheeler car with seating for two. Talking about the price, this car has been launched at an initial price of $ 25,900 or about 19 lakh rupees. It is equipped with futuristic design which is very attractive to look at and its cabin is quite high tech. This car has a battery ranging from 25.0 kWh to 100.0 kWh which can generate power from 134 bhp to 201 bhp in different models.

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