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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Red lentils will get rid of debt, just have to do this small work…

Many times people get so upset with the financial crisis that they have to take loans even to meet the needs of the house. 
Debt is such a burden that once climbed it becomes very difficult to discharge it. That is why our elders have always been advising not to take loans. If you are also a victim of such a situation, then start taking some special measures from today. These measures will soon help you in getting rid of debt.

1- Red lentil donation makes your sun and Mars position in Kudli better. If the sun becomes strong then the person starts to progress. New sources of income are created. Therefore, you should donate red lentil pulse to a needy every Sunday and Tuesday for a few days. You can start this work from today itself.

2- Go to Shankar ji's temple and offer three bananas and chant Om Mone Mukteshwar Mahadevaaya Namah Mantra 11 or 21 times. Today Pradosh is fasting. This day belongs to Mahadev only, so if you do this work today, it will be very auspicious. Otherwise you can do it for any Monday.

3- By feeding jaggery gram and banana to monkeys, giving bread to cow, flour to ants also get relief from debt. Apart from this, light a lamp of sesame oil or mustard oil in the temple of the house every day.

4- Every morning as soon as you wake up, look at the ridges of your two hands and say in your mind - Kargre Vasate Lakshmi, Karamadhye Saraswati, Karamuleatu Govindah, Prabhate Kar Darshanam. After this, write the name of your favorite god on the left palm with the finger of your right hand. Soon your luck will start to shine and not only debt, all problems will be relieved.

5- Dip the camphor in ghee and burn it in the house. Also free the animal or bird that is imprisoned in a cage. This will remove the negativity of the house and strengthen the financial situation.

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