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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Do not to install these apps in mobile, will become pauper or will die

New Delhi: 
 Ever since people have got a smart phone in their hands, they keep downloading apps in it even without knowing it. Similar people also face a lot of trouble and sometimes money is cleared from their accounts as well. We also need to be careful with such apps. Because people are becoming victims of cyber crime without knowing.

Chinese apps have also been reported to be a big hand behind the growing cyber fraud in the country. For a long time, some such apps have been giving loans to people and most of the Indian users are using the Instant Loan App for this. But very few people know that most Instant Loan App are operated from China.

This Chinese Instant Loan App claims to provide a loan service at a click and does not disclose the interest rate at that time. According to officials, by adding processing fees, GST etc., the apps charge up to 30% interest every week.

Till now, the police have found a disbursement of Rs 1000 crore. At the same time, Hyderabad Police has found a transaction of 21 thousand crores in four different Chinese companies. Some of these transactions have taken place in bitcoins and have been sent abroad through references. In many cases, the police have seized Rs 110 crore.

At the same time, the Information Directorate is investigating the case of money laundering. According to the information, many people who have been trapped in the loan trap of Instant Loan App have been forced to commit suicide.

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