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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Cricketers like Virat Kohli-Rohit Sharma and Rahane will get mentally ill if this continues

Paddy Upton, the former mental conditioning coach of the 
Indian cricket team , after extensive research to the 
World Cricket Association, including the BCCI , reported that players could suffer from mental illness for a long time. Even in a situation where Corona's transition is not over, sports activities have begun and players are constantly living in the bio-bubble. At the same time, many cricketers, footballers and tennis players have talked about mental health. The big cricket board is not doing enough to avoid these problems, Upton said.

“This is an equal challenge for all players,” said mental conditioning coach Paddy Upton. And we haven't done enough research to get feedback from different players. So everyone in the medical field is saying, we can't approve certain drugs unless we can test. So have we really invented? '

Players can get mentally ill

"There are a lot of bio bubbles in the world, but I haven't seen anything like it on a large scale," said Upton. In which people associated with ICC, badminton or football or BCCI officials have done a lot of research and discussed the impact of this bubble on the players. So far we have not seen the bad effect of bio bubble but due to constant stay in bio bubble we will face more mental problems and illnesses.

"Some solutions to these problems are possible, but no effort is being made to address them," Upton said. "These problems can be avoided to some extent," he said. But right now we are not doing anything. We will have to wait until such problems come to light in public and this will be unfortunate for the players. Notably, the players of the team have been in the bio bubble for 6 consecutive months. After the IPL, Team India went to Australia. Now, after a short break, Team India will play Test, ODI and T20 series at home and the players will be in the bio-bubble for a long time to come.

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