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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Clapping Beneficial for health, eliminates stomach and BP related problems

Mostly bhajan-kirtan, 
clapping is played to increase happiness or enthusiasm Many people even clap to make fun of someone. But did you know that clapping also keeps our body healthy? Listening to us, you may be wondering, what does it mean to clap with health! But this is completely true. Learn how clapping keeps your body healthy (Clapping Benefits for Health).

Clapping keeps the body healthy

According to acupressure, the palms have the points of 29 body parts. Clapping puts pressure on these points. It causes energy to reach every part of the body, after which every part of the body begins to function properly. Know that playing locks relieves some ailments.

Blood circulation works properly

Clapping with both hands puts pressure on the lungs, gall bladder, kidney, liver, large intestine and small intestine. From which blood circulation to these parts of the body begins to take place properly. Clapping with both hands strengthens the white blood cells present in the body. It gives strength to the body to fight against diseases.

Get rid of stomach ailments

If you have stomach problems such as gas, constipation and indigestion, or if you experience stress, irritability or loss of concentration, place four fingers of the right hand on the palms of the left hand. Beat for 5 minutes morning-evening. Gradually you will get relief from these diseases.

Blood pressure is fixed

When blood pressure drops , the person should stand up and clap with both hands in front. At the same time, while clapping, the hands should be rotated from bottom to top. Doing so will at least bring the blood pressure back to normal.

There is relief in these ailments

Clapping with both hands can be a great relief for heart problems, diabetes, asthma and diseases. He should be applauded at least 1500 times a day.

Relieves colds, coughs and body aches

Clapping with both hands for 30 minutes every day relieves problems like cold-cough, hair loss and body aches.

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