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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Chanakya Niti: A person does not get success because of these three habits, he always feel frustrated

 Chanakya is considered to be one of the best scholars of India Chanakya is a skilled strategist with a teacher, economics. He was also a sociologist. At the same time he was an enlightened person in his own right. Chanakya's punishment motivates a person to live life in the right way. So the Chanakya policy is still relevant today. A person who constantly studies Chanakya policy and brings Chanakya policy into his life, attains heights in life.

According to Chanakya, success in life is achieved only by the person who keeps distance from bad habits. Chanakya policy says that bad habits destroy a person's talents. A talented person may be right, but if his habits are wrong, he will be disappointed. So one should be careful while living. According to Chanakya, one should stay away from these habits.

Lying leads to failure

According to Chanakya, if one wants to be successful, one should get in the habit of speaking the truth. Because the liar never gets respect. False speech can be beneficial for some time. But when the veil is lifted from lies, there is no way but to be ashamed. This is why Chanakya should avoid the habit of lying to a person.

Never be egoistic of wealth and position

According to Chanakya, ego destroys a person. Ego should never be. A person who shows off his position and wealth and shows his ego over others. Such people are never looked upon with respect in society. According to Chanakya, the habit of ego causes a person to fall. Ego takes a person away from successes.

The wrong habit of shouting

Chanakya's Chanakya policy says that one should keep a distance from a person who exaggerates unnecessary things. Because such a person can go to any level for his own selfishness. According to Chanakya, one should avoid the habit of dinghy. Because such people are not taken seriously in society.

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