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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

10 Unique Cricket Records You May Not Know About That


10 Unique Cricket Records: The history of cricket is very old, so the list of records is also very long, the fans of some records are themselves witnesses, while some records are far from the reach of the fans, today we are going to tell you some such information about cricket You may be surprised to know that. Information you hardly know.

1. Century with Sachin's bat

10 Unique Cricket Records

Do you know that the bat with which Shahid Afridi scored a century from 37 balls in ODIs was not his, yes, that bat belonged to Sachin Tendulkar. (Unique Cricket Records)

2. Don Bradman hits wicket

10 Unique Cricket Records

Sir Don Bradman's name in cricket will be heard by almost every generation and maybe you are aware of every record of his, but let us tell you that Sir Don Bradman has been hit wicket only once in his Test cricket career and he has been dismissed hit wicket. The record is named after India's legendary player Lala Amarnath. Lala Amarnath did this feat in the Brisbane Test played in 1948.

3. Don Bradman Sixes

10 Unique Cricket Records

When we are talking about Sir Don Bradman, then tell us more about one of his records, which you may not know. For this we can bet you that yes, the greatest batsman of Test cricket, who has an average of 99.96 in Test cricket, has hit just 6 sixes in his entire Test career.

4. The only team to have won all three cupcakes

10 Unique Cricket Records

The name of India in the cricket world is quite good, this game and it keeps winning the defeat, but there is a record in the name of Team India, which may break some, yes India is the only team that has scored 60 overs, 50 overs and T20s. Has won the World Cup. In the 1983 World Cup, the matches were 60 overs, while in the 2011 World Cup the matches were 50 overs, in 2007 India won the first T20 World Cup, this unique record.

5. Alec Stewart's Record

10 Unique Cricket Records

Former England wicketkeeper batsman Alec Stewart has a unique record, he was born on 8-4-63 and has scored a total of 8463 runs in Test matches while playing for England. Why is it not a unique record? (Unique Cricket Records)

6. batting in every order

10 Unique Cricket Records

In cricket, every batsman has a batting order, any batsman remains opening batsman throughout his career, so many middle order batsmen but do you know that South African batsmen Lance Klusener, Pakistani batsmen Shoaib Malik and Abdul Razzaq and Sri Lankan batsman Hassan Tillakaratne He has batted in every order for his teams. These batsmen have batted from number one to number ten. (Unique Cricket Records)

Cricket match lasting 7.10 days

10 Unique Cricket Records

You know that Test cricket is five days, but don't you know that the fifth Test match played between England and South Africa in 1939 lasted for 10 days. And the most interesting thing about this match was that this test match, which lasted for 10 days, could not yield any result. In the final innings, England had a target of 696 runs to win, England were on the score of 654 runs, losing 5 wickets on the ninth day, and the result of this match did not come because England had to hold their sheep to come back.

8. Irfan Pathan's hat-trick

10 Unique Cricket Records

India all-rounder Irfan Pathan will not remember the first over of the match against Pakistan in which he took a hat-trick. But do you know that he is the first bowler to score a hat-trick in the first over of a Test match. Pathan showed this feat in the 2006 Karachi Test match by dismissing Salman Batt, Yunus Khan and Mohammad Yusuf on the fourth, fifth and sixth balls of the first over of the match. (Unique Cricket Records)

9. More wickets in a match

10 Unique Cricket Records

The record of taking the most wickets in a Test is in the name of England off-spinner Jim Laker. Jim Laker took 19 wickets in a match against Australia. Laker carried out the feat with 9 wickets in the first innings of the match played at Old Trafford in 1956 and 10 wickets in the second innings. Jim Laker took 193 wickets in his 46 Test matches at an impressive average of 21.24.

10. Sixes off the first ball of the test

10 Unique Cricket Records

Cricket, which started in 1877, is going to be about 150 years today, but do you know? From the first Test till today, only one batsman has hit a six on the first ball of the Test match, yes there is only one batsman and that is West Indies batsman Chris Gayle. Kris Gayle, known for his quick batting, hit a six off the first ball of the match against Bangladesh in 2012.

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