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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Caution! If your child uses mobile too much, this can have a bad effect

Nowadays kids 
are running along with 
technology . They know better than most people what a mobile phone can be, how new games are coming to the market and that's why they stick to mobile, TV or computer all day long. But did you know that this is not a good sign if your child is clinging to more mobile, television or computer screens as research has shown.

According to a researcher at Memorial Care Orange Coast Medical Center in California, USA, if a child looks at a screen for more than three hours, it affects the whole. At the same time, it is not good for their mental health, learning, understanding, memory power as well as maintaining relationships. That's where people nowadays sit and work near the screen for five to seven hours. His sadness and restlessness also increase. Therefore it is advisable to use it sparingly.

This can be a problem

According to lead researcher Dr. Gina Pozner, if a child spends too much time on the screen, he or she may have difficulty gaining weight. He cited a Mayo Clinic study that found that using the screen every two hours increased the risk of weight gain by 23%. That's why experts believe that children should use the screen sparingly. It should be used only if there is a greater need.

Advice not to use the skin

Dr. Pozner said that in addition to exiting the screen, the light sleep produces the hormone melatonin. Which makes it very difficult for children to sleep. With when the baby wakes up. It does not make them feel fresh, as they cannot get enough sleep and has a direct effect on their logical ability and memory. Children are advised not to use the screen two hours before bedtime.

Referring to a British study published there in 2018, Dr. Pozner said that a child who stays in front of the screen for hours uses it. They face many problems like back pain, back pain, headache. I should try to let children use the screen at least.

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