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Thursday, January 14, 2021

British scientists claim to be surprised about corona, said- cured patients can spread infection, know details


New Delhi: Corona virus infection has caused such havoc across the world that so far 19 lakh people have lost their lives. More than 90 million people have been infected worldwide due to the infection, while more than 50 million have come home healthy. To overcome the corona, corona vaccination work has also started, while vaccination is going to start in India from January 16. 

On the other hand, British scientists made a big claim about Corona, which will make you sleep. Scientists claimed on Thursday that patients recovering from the virus can also spread the infection to others. The results of an official study released in the British state that earlier infection of Kovid-19 provides immunity for at least five months. During this time that person will not be infected again, but by coming in contact with him, other people can become infected with corona.

At the same time, an analysis by Public Health England (PHE) showed that the immune system that develops naturally after infection provides 83 percent protection from re-infection compared with people who have not had the disease before. According to the results of the study, it remains immune for at least five months after being first infected.

However, experts cautioned that people who have developed immunity may also be carriers of the virus in their nose or throat and that others are at risk of infection. Professor Susanne Hopkins, Senior Medical Advisor at PHE, said that this study gave us the clearest picture of the nature of antibody protection against Kovid-19 so far, but at this stage it is important that people do not misinterpret these initial findings .

At the same time, Susan Hopkins said that we now know that people who have had infections and that have formed antibodies, most of them are protected from re-infection, but do not yet know how long this protection is available. . We feel that people can spread the virus even after getting it right from the infection.

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