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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Bird flu infection is 60% more dangerous than corona, so beware

The coronavirus crisis in the country has not abated. 
Bird flu has raised concerns there. According to the WHO, the mortality rate due to bird flu infection is around 60 percent. This means that coronavirus mortality from bird flu is lower. What to do to prevent bird flu?

Avoid direct contact with the bird

Avoid direct contact with birds to avoid the bird flu virus. Domestic poultry farm birds are more likely to spread bird flu to humans after infection, bird flu can also be spread through bird droppings, saliva, nose-mo and eye discharge.

Hygiene required

Tanks, railings and cages placed on the roof of the house need to be thoroughly cleaned with soap and detergent. Bird droppings and wing feathers should be carefully cleaned. Birds need to keep some distance. A bird infected with bird flu can spread the virus through feces and saliva for up to 10 days.

Avoid raw meat

After buying chicken from the shop, one should wear gloves and a mask on the face while washing it. Raw meat and eggs can spread bird flu. Avoid touching anything on the poultry farm or chicken shop. If the touch of any item is cut off, the hand should be sanitized immediately.

Proper diet is essential

Due to bird flu, it is necessary to cook chicken at a temperature of 100 degrees. It is necessary to stay away from raw meat and eggs. According to experts, the bird flu virus is sensitive to heat. So that the cooking is destroyed in temperature. Employees working on poultry farms should be kept away and the area affected by the flu should not be visited. Symptoms of bird flu also include cough, fever, nausea, muscle aches, restlessness, and runny nose.

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