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Monday, January 11, 2021

WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal? Which app is better and who is the worst, read here

Users are angry about the changes being made in WhatsApp Privacy Policy by WhatsApp and are looking for other platforms for messaging. 
In such a situation, users are now demanding security for information like chat security, location, bank details and device information regarding the messaging app.

At the same time, due to the recent action of WhatsApp, people have started switching to other messaging platforms, meanwhile users have moved towards the signal and Telegram app. Talk of giving better security features on both these apps is coming out. In such a situation, if you compare WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram, then what is the difference between these apps and

which app will be right for the user? 

WhatsApp Vs Telegram Vs Signal

Talk about basic functions. Whatsapp is used for chatting and video or voice calling. All these three functions are found on signal and telegram. Now the thing that has created a ruckus is privacy and security. So know how the signal and telegram are much better than whatsapp…

  • = >> User ID, User ID, Advertising Data, Purchase History, Location, Phone Number, Email Address, Contact, Product Interaction, Payment Info, Customer Support and other user information are being asked on WhatsApp. At the same time, the user's contact info, contacts and user ID are stored on Telegram, while only the user's mobile number is sought on the Signal app.
  • = >> In case of security on group chat, both WhatsApp and Telegram app is lazy while user information in signal is safe. Apart from this, the screenshot of your chat cannot be taken on the Signal app, for this you just have to activate this feature on the app.
  • = >> On WhatsApp, a maximum of 256 people can be added to a group. This limit is 2 lakh people on Telegram. Although groups can be formed by adding people on the signal, but here more people cannot send messages simultaneously.
  • = >> Signal is an app in which the most special attention has been given to privacy. This app has also given information specifically on the Play Store that this app does not keep any data. In this app, the user's data can be considered secure. In this case, you can use the signal in addition to WhatsApp. At the same time, Telegram is also more popular than WhatsApp in many countries. In this, you also get the option of many public groups and here you can take advantage of the features of WhatsApp.

 Let us know that the new privacy policy of Facebook-owned WhatsApp is coming into effect from February 8, according to which it is being said that users' data will be shared with Facebook, Instagram and other partner companies. With this, the WhatsApp account of those who disobey the new rules can be suspended.

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