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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

After Karishma Now Sherlyn Chopra made sensational disclosure- Sajid Khan He took out his private part and said…

BBC documentary 'Death in Bollywood' has created panic, the show has a story about the late actress Jia Khan. 
In which Jia's sister Karishma joined and they have opened some such secrets related to them which are revealing the truth of the Shining 5 Dhamak industry. Zia Khan's sister Karishma has accused the film director Sajid Khan of casting couch and sexual harassment in this documentary, while amidst these allegations, Actress Sherlyn Chopra has also revealed deep secrets about Sajid Khan.

Sajid Khan shares his…
Actress Sherlyn Chopra shares her experience with Sajid Khan , Sherlyn tweeted - 'When I met her (Sajid) in April 2005, a few days after my father's demise, she took her pants off Peonus pulled out and asked him to hold it. I remember that I told him that I know what is like a peneus and my purpose of meeting him is not to catch his peneus. '

Zia Khan's sister made allegations that
BBC documentary 'Death in Bollywood' was released on BBC, in the second episode of this documentary, Karishma explained how Sajid treated Jia , taking her top and bra off during script reading said. Sister told that Jia did not understand what to do. She cried a lot after coming home. She was saying that she is in contract with this film, so if she leaves the film, they will file a case against me and defame her. If the film is to be exploited. It is a situation of missing something. He later did that film.

Karishma also told her experience
while Karishma also shared the incident with herself, she said when she went to Sajid Khan's house with her elder sister Jia Khan. At that time she was 16 years old. He was wearing only strappy top and was sitting at the kitchen table. Sajid Khan stares at her and says that she wants sex. On this, his sister Jia Khan interrupted Sajid Khan and said that no, it is not so. On this, Sajid Khan told his sister Jia Khan to see how she is sitting. Jia Khan said she is still young. He doesn't even know what he needs. After this, both the sisters left from there.

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