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Friday, December 18, 2020

Year Ender 2020: Celebs wore some special jewellery this year, know the latest trends of the year

The year 2020 has been a quarantine year and this year the celebs did not even out in the way they used to, but if we talk about the jewelery trends, then somewhere Bollywood divas gave a glimpse of their jewelery collection. 
Celebs at the 2020 Festivals and Weddings showed a glimpse of their special jewelery. This year, celebs paid more attention to traditional jewelery and statement earrings were well-liked. So let's have a glimpse of the 2020 jewelry collection.

1Kajal Aggrawal-

Jewelery - South Indian Forehead Band

Actress Kajal Aggarwal has been married recently and she also did a little experiment with jewelery in her wedding look. Kajal Aggarwal decorated herself with a South Indian style forehead and we loved the look of her look. We can call this the beginning of a new trend because this kind of look with a forehead is not often seen in the wedding of celebs. 

How can you incorporate your style?

Kajal Aggarwal has chosen the unique design mathapatti. From Kerala to Tamil Nadu you will find such a forehead strip in many places. If you want to choose something like this for you, then first check your getup. Everything from light weight and light design to heavy designs are available and can be matched with color codes, but you have to keep in mind that your forehead stripe matches the necklace. 

2 Kajol-

Jewelery - Bran Necklace

Kajol has worn choker necklaces since the beginning of 2020. Kajol styled different choker necklaces with different saris from Tanhaji's promotion to Durga Puja. It is to be noted here that all the necklaces of Kajol were of traditional design. This proves that the fashion of the choker necklace will never be outdated. 

How can you incorporate your style?

All of Kajol's chokers are of traditional style and Kajol pairs them with saris. Keep in mind that if you are wearing such a choker, then saree and blouse should not have very heavy embroidery so that the focus will be on jewelry. 

3Deepika Padukone-

Jewelery - Diamond Jewelery

Though Deepika has worn jewelery on very few occasions this year, she started the year with a diamond choker which has teardrop detailing and a crown design. Deepika is also wearing matching earrings and her styling is superb. It certainly shows that the full diamond look will always look classic. 

How can you incorporate your style?

Diamond jewelery can match with any outfit, but if you are wearing so much Godly jewelery, then you will not get too heavy or else it will look gorgeous. 

4Malaika Arora-

Jewelery - Statement Designs

Although we often see that people flaunt their necklaces more, but Malaika has flaunted the statement designs in this look. Everything from hand bracelets to forehead strips and antique style earrings looks very classy and the blouse design has been replaced by necklace. Of course, the trend of such jewelery looks very good with such a heavy blouse. However, Malaika has given the vibes of the film 'Dil Se' back in this look. 

How can you incorporate your style?

Such antique pieces should often pair up with designer blouses. If you also want to wear such pieces, then keep in mind that choose a blouse with which the throat is not empty. 

5Alia Bhatt-

Jewelery - Mathapatti

This look of Alia Bhatt proves that even with Mathapatti, you can give yourself a great look. Alia Bhatt's traditional style forehead strip in which Kundan's work has been done is very much on her. Alia adopted this look at Armaan Jain's wedding earlier this year. This is not at all classic. 

How can you incorporate your style?

You will find many designs of traditional mathapatti easily, but you have to keep in mind that if your forehead is small then do not put too heavy dot with it. And if you like heavy bindi, then keep the size of the mathapatti small.

6Sara Ali Khan-

Jewelery - Statement Earrings

Just as Alia Bhatt regarded Mathapatti as her style, Sarah Ali Khan has seen statement earrings several times this year. Sara Ali Khan has given earrings significance in her looks from Eid to Diwali. See here, how special Sara's traditional style earrings decorated with pearls and diamonds looks. 

How can you incorporate your style?

Do not try to choose too many contrast earrings from your outfit. This is because your earrings will be so big and heavy designed that they will stand out separately. 

7Kiara Advani

Jewelery - Laird Necklace

Kiara Advani has worn layered necklaces on several occasions this year. This look of Kiara is taken from the wedding of Anisia Malhotra and Armaan Jain. This necklace of Kundan and Gold suits quite a lot on Kiara. 

How can you incorporate your style?

If you are choosing a layered necklace, then try wearing a deep neck blouse or outfit. Laird necklace makes your throat feel full and if you wear a short neck blouse, your throat will feel very full. 

8Kangana Ranaut-

Jewelery - Heritage Jewelery

Kangana Ranaut has also included a number of heritage jewelery in her looks this year. Kangana wore heavy jewelery at various festivals and at her brother's wedding and also styled hair differently. Kangana, of course, is bringing back the fashion of wearing heavy jewelry again. 

How can you incorporate your style?

If the jewelery is so heavy, then your look may look too gaudy. If you are thinking of wearing such heavy jewelery then keep the blouse design simple. 

9Katrina Kaif-

Jewelery - Pendant Necklace

Katrina Kaif wore this long layered pendant necklace on the occasion of Diwali. This pendant decorated with gold and beads is unique style. Katrina Kaif has kept her look classy and despite not having too much heavy jewelery, this necklace is giving a very good look. This necklace can be good for those who do not like to wear heavy jewelry. 

How can you incorporate your style?

Matching earrings should always be styled with such pendant necklace. There is not much roll of contrast here. 

10Shraddha Kapoor-

Jewelery- Light Weight Gold Jewelery

Shraddha Kapoor has styled herself differently than the rest of the actresses. Shraddha Kapoor chose light weight gold jewelery and her jewelery looks very stylish. Such jewelery is available in different styles and designs. 

How can you incorporate your style?

This type of jewelery can be styled with an outfit in any way. 

Maybe you too have seen a special jewelery trend this year. If you liked this story, then do share it. Stay connected to read other stories like this. 

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