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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Why is garlic and onion not used in fasting and worship? Read here the myth attached to it

The ayurvedic benefits of garlic and onion are many. 
Everyone knows about it too. However, the question that comes to the mind of most people is why garlic and onion are not used in fasting and worship? The answer to this question is hidden in the 
mythical phenomenon of churning the sea Let us know what happened at the time of Samudra Manthan due to which garlic and onion are not used in puja and vrat.

The phenomenon of sea churning

The gods and the asuras churned the sea together to regain the lost splendor of the desolate heaven. While churning the sea, Lakshmi as well as nectar kalash including many gems also came out. When the nectar became different among the gods and asuras for Pan, Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and started distributing nectar.

The demon came in the form of gods to drink nectar

It was the turn of the gods to drink nectar first, then Lord Vishnu gradually made the gods drink nectar. Then a demon took the form of a deity and stood in his pangat. The sun god and the moon god recognized him. When he told Lord Vishnu his fact, Lord Vishnu separated him from his torso with his chakra. He drank a little nectar, which was still in his mouth. The beheading caused some drops of blood and nectar to fall to the ground. This led to the production of garlic and onions. The demon's head and torso were cut off by Lord Vishnu. His head is known as Rahu and his torso as Ketu.

Origin of Garlic and Onion from Monster Extract

Garlic and onions originated from the demonic part. Because of this he is not involved in fasting or worship. Drops of nectar fell where they originated. Due to this, the nectar form of garlic and onion got medicinal properties. Garlic and onion are beneficial in many diseases. Many people do not include the demon in their diet because of its origin. Garlic and onions are considered tamasic substances. For this reason it is not taken in worship.

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