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Monday, December 14, 2020

Try these remedies if you have bone pain in winter, it will never be a problem

The winter
 season brings with it many kinds of troubles . One of them is the problem of joint pain. Most people, especially the elderly, experience bone and joint pain during the cold season. In addition to medications and massages, some food and drink items also work to relieve joint pain. Learn about it

Saffron-turmeric milk: -

Several researches have claimed that turmeric is very effective in treating arthritis pain. The anti-inflammatory properties found in turmeric provide relief in joint pain. Milk is an excellent source of calcium which strengthens bones. In cold season, mix saffron in a glass of warm turmeric milk and drink it. This will eliminate the problem of pain in your bones.

Gum-Gol Laddu: -

Gum ladu strengthens the body from within by eliminating many types of ailments. This is the reason why most of the women are given glue-jaggery ladu to eat after delivery. The ingredients used to make ladu keep the body warm in the winter season as well as strengthen the bones.

Orange and Carrot Detox Drink: -

Include a detox drink in your diet. The oranges, carrots and ginger used in it contain anti-inflammatory as well as good amount of calcium. This drink strengthens bones and relieves pain.

Guava and Paneer Salad: -

Prepare a salad by adding chopped cheese, jaggery and some tamarind. In winter this salad looks very tasty. Guava and cheese contain calcium which reduces joint pain. You can add more nutritious items to these salads according to your taste.

Broccoli and Almond Soup: -

Hot soups are very beneficial in the winter season. Broccoli and almonds are rich in calcium and omega 3 fatty acids. This soup acts as a tonic for the bones in the cold season.

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