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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

This post office scheme will make you rich soon, know full details

Everyone wants to save some money for the future from whatever they are earning, but due to many types of risks in the market, man is afraid to invest in the stock market. 
Among them, people have more faith in government schemes. The post office also runs a variety of schemes from the government, through which you can increase your money while keeping it safe. The special thing is that post office schemes guarantee that your money will not sink. Today we will tell you about a similar post office scheme

5.8 per cent return at present

You can start this recurring deposit scheme of post office with a nominal amount of Rs. If you deposit Rs 1,000 per month, you get a return of 5.8 per cent at present. If you deposit money in it for 60 months, you will have to deposit 60 thousand rupees. You will get interest of Rs 9,696.73 on your deposit at 5.8 per cent interest. So on maturity you will get an amount of Rs 69,696.73.

Who can invest

  • Any adult citizen of India can open an account
  • The Guardian of the Minor can also invest for the child in his own name
  • Accounts can be opened in the name of children above 10 years of age
  • You can open an account by depositing 100 rupees per month

Emergency loans can be taken

The specialty of Post Office Recurring Deposit is that, if you have deposited 12 installments, you can also take a loan on your own deposit. The loan amount will be 50% of the total amount deposited. The loan will have to pay 2% interest.

Account can be closed if there is no money

Suppose, you open a post office recurring deposit account for 5 years, but if you do not have money, you can close it in between 3 years. You will need to go to your nearest post office for preclosure. You can fill out the form there and close it before the deadline. You will get your money back including interest.

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