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Sunday, December 6, 2020

These three drinks are "Sanjeevani" to make kidney strong, without taking medicines, to remove stones - to increase immunity.

The structure of the 
human body is such that if there is some problem in one of your organs, then it also affects the other organs. Talking about kidney, an important part of our body, it is that organ, which works to remove all the toxic and extra fluids present in our body through urine. Not only this, our kidneys filter enough blood in the body. If he stops purifying the blood, serious problems like stomach pain, fever, nausea, vomiting can increase in our body, including urinary disorders. 

Also, in such a condition, high blood pressure (diabetes), glomerulonephritis (damage of the part of the blood filtered) or kidney stone means kidney stone can worsen a person's kidney. But to keep away from all these problems, you need to make some changes in your food and drink. If you add some things to your food along with drinking your food, then you can keep away from many kidney problems. Eating these things can improve kidney cleanliness. You can use them in your food or drink. 

So let us tell you what things you can get a great benefit by adding to your food and drink. 

Cumin seeds

Another thing in this sequence is cumin. Usually you use cumin seeds in your lentil vegetable for tempering or roast it in your salad or raita. But do you know that its use is also very beneficial for your kidney?

Let us tell you how you can make a drink with the help of cumin, which will be helpful for your kidney. So all you have to do is cut one lemon into 6 pieces. Pour it in a glass and after filling it with water, grind roasted cumin seeds and put coriander in it. Add some black salt to it and now the simple looking drink will be ready, it will actually be very helpful for your kidney. This drink is helpful in detoxifying your body. You can drink it this way too, and boiling this mixture and drinking it will prove more effective. Drinking this drink daily will clean your kidneys completely. Along with this, many major stomach diseases will also be cut.

Corn hair

Usually, whenever you eat corn, you throw it after peeling it and eat it by boiling or frying the corn.

But do you know that the golden hair of this maize (the golden colored fibers coming out of maize) is not less than a panacea for your kidneys. Do you know that these golden hair or golden fibers can detoxify your kidneys. Along with detoxifying the kidneys and bladder, it is also effective in regulating blood sugar and boosting immunity.

What you have to do for this .... Actually you have to make a drink of these corned golden hair to take advantage of it. You do this by taking two glasses of water in a pot and boil these golden hairs coming out of the corn. Squeeze two sliced ​​pieces of lemon in this water and boil until the water remains a glass. Drinking such a drink daily provides great relief in many kidney problems. Not only this, for people struggling with stones, this drink is no less than a living. 

Use of Coriander in food

Coriander is usually used to increase the flavor of our food. People put coriander in food, or taste it by making chutney.

However, very few people know that coriander also has a special property of detoxification. If we consume it, it is helpful literature to remove waste and poisonous substances from our body. Along with your food and sauce, you can drink it by making juice, which is no less than a boon for your kidney.

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