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Saturday, December 5, 2020

These remedies for black pepper will give relief from Shani dosha

People get frightened as soon as the name of Saturn's half-and-half-and-half-dhaiya comes. 
People start getting worried about which problem is going to happen now. It is believed that people who have Shani dosha have to face many problems. Although Shani Dev is considered to be the god of justice. It is said that Shani Dev punishes a person according to his actions. At this time, Saturn is seven and a half on Capricorn, Sagittarius and Aquarius. While Saturn is moving on Gemini and Libra zodiac signs. In astrology, the half-and-half of Saturn is considered very painful. It is said that the native of the zodiac sign Saturn has to suffer financially, physically and mentally. Even family tension and divorce are sometimes encountered. At the same time, when Saturn's bed is on someone, it causes disorientation, mental tension, speech defects, anger, One has to be denied promotion. Money loss and debt related problems also occur. It is two and a half years old. Today we will tell you some remedies of black pepper so that the effect of the inauspicious fruit that comes from Shani Dosha can be reduced and the person suffering from Shani Dosha can get relief.

Pepper remedy

1- According to astrology, Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. On this day, the remedy of black pepper can reduce the effects of Shani's Sadesati and Shani's bed. Black pepper also removes the inauspiciousness of Rahu. Black pepper is considered a symbol of Saturn and Rahu. In such a situation, the use of black pepper in the half and half of Shani is considered very beneficial.

2- A person suffering from Shani dosha should use black pepper separately on Saturday. By doing this, the inauspiciousness of Shani Dosh is reduced and the native will get relief from the sufferings of Shani Dosh.

3- Anyone who is walking on Sati's half-and-half or dhaiya should wrap black pepper seeds in black cloth on Saturday and donate some coins in it. Doing this will also give relief from Shani Dosh.

4- If the work is interrupted due to Shani Dosh then the victim should put some grains of pepper on the main door of the house and leave it with his feet on it. Keep in mind that during this time one should not look back. By doing this also the person will get benefit and will get success in the works.

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