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Saturday, December 5, 2020

The couple took a helicopter flight to fulfill their passion for burgers

Both hobby and money are together. A man has spent 2 lakh rupees to fulfill his food hobbies, craze and eat burgers. Russian billionaire Viktor Martinov has traveled 450 kilometers to complete this journey. Viktor Martinov, 33, and his girlfriend were holidaying in Crimea. During the holidays, they were bored eating organic food. He wished to eat burgers during this time. During this time, in search of a burger, he booked a helicopter and flew to the nearest McDonald's outlet. It was about 450 kilometers from Crimea. According to Russian media, Victor paid about £ 2,000, Rs 2 lakh for this helicopter drive. He ordered burgers, fries and milkshakes at the outlet, which cost around £ 49.

He said that me and my girlfriend were fed up of eating organic food there. We both wanted to eat normal Moscow. He believed that a new flavor was to be brought into the food of the same dish. So in search of food, he took a helicopter and flew to Krasnodor. In fact, it was a thrill. We ate hamburgers and then flew back in a helicopter.

Martinov is the CEO of a Moscow company that sells helicopters. Now you can think about how expensive the CEO of the company who sells the helicopter will be. He flew to the likes of his likes and girlfriend. Fast food operations in Crimea ceased in 2014 and therefore there is no single McDonald's outlet there.

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