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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

These are the 5 famous 'Chaat' shops in Lucknow, which will give your chatori tongue full of flavor

The language of the people of Lucknow is as sweet, as much as chatori. 
This is the reason that along with tehzeeb, delicious dishes are also found here. Nawabi town's non-veg has been mentioned many times, but there is no shortage of good 
'street food'  for the vegetarians too .

Above all, if anyone is mentioned, then it is the famous 'Chaat ' here. Yes, the real fun of crappy, spicy chat is found only in Lucknow. Then be it tikkis, peas or gol gappas (water cakes). 

Then let us tell you about those shops in the city, where you can enjoy the best  chaat  .

1.Shukla Chaat House

Shukla Chat House
 , located in Hazratganj, Lucknow, is one of the best and oldest shops in the city. Here one gets the best tikkis by adding curd and chutney. Chickpea spices, peas made by adding lemon are the signature dish here. By putting green coriander on top, when it comes in front of you, you will not be able to stop yourself from eating it for even a moment.

Address- 11 Shahnazf Road, Church Building, Hazratganj

Time - 4 pm-10:30pm

2. Dixit Chat House

It has been almost 40 years since the shop opened in the crowded area of ​​the Chowk. 
Their chaat made in pure ghee is enjoyed on the tongue of the city. There is really no answer to his curd and chutney. If you bring Tashrif to old Lucknow, do n't forget to come to ' 
Dixit Chat House' by mistake .

Address- Shop no. 15 Opposite Lohia Park, Chowk

Time - 12pm - 11pm

3. Jain Chaat Bhandar

If you eat a pot of water in this shop near Lal Bagh, then a taste of taste will pop in your mouth that you will feel happy. 
Also, potato tikkis have their own fun here. In fact, the taste of ' 
Jain Chaat Bhandar' is very different and strong.

Address- Sushantpura, Lalbagh

Time - 5 pm-9pm

4. Ram Narayan Tiwari and Sons

Tiwari Ji's Batashe, located on the main road of Ganeshganj, has its own fun. 
Crunchy Betashe is fed with a variety of spicy water. Its taste is quite different and better than other chaat shops. Here potato tikkis are fried in ghee and served with curd-chutney, which is wonderful when it is put on the tongue. People here also like spinach chaat, which is made with indigenous spices.

Address- 87-A, Old RTO Office of Gautam Buddha Marg, Aminabad

Time - 2:30 pm - 9:30 pm

5. Pandit Chaat

'Pandit ki chaat'
 has become an identity of chaat in Lucknow. This is a small shop in Aminabad, but nobody tastes ahead of it. Whether it is a potato tikki or a peas and water pan, there is no answer to the taste. There is such a smell of issues here that if you pass around this area, you will not be able to stop yourself from going to the shop.

Address- Mohan Market, Khayali Ganj, Aminabad

Time - 2pm - 10:30 pm

Just brother, if you are in the city and belong to chatora species, then immediately go out for a walk with your fluffy tongue.

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