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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Poha is healthier than rice. After knowing these 6 things, you too will start eating every day

Powder is healthier than rice

Many people in India prefer to eat poona for breakfast. Eating poona makes a good start to the day. Poona is not only easy to make but also easy to digest. It also has a good amount of iron and carbs. Rice, on the other hand, is high in carbohydrates, which also causes insulin fluctuations, lethargy and weight gain.

How is powder made?

To make poona, the paddy is half-cooked and then dried in the sun until it hardens. It is then flattened into a machine. The process of making poona is not so long and it is not polished.

The rice is polished

When rice is polished, it loses its nutrition and fiber. In comparison, poona is easy to cook and quick to digest.

Rich in healthy carbohydrates

Poha is the best breakfast food, as it contains 70 percent healthy carbohydrates and 30 percent fat. So if you eat poona you will be energetic all day long. On the other hand, eating rice keeps the body drowsy all day and leads to more sleep.

Source of iron

The powder is flattened in an iron roller. So it contains iron. Those who are anemic and pregnant women are advised to eat poona. Vitamin C is found in it if a little lemon juice is added to it.

Easy to digest

You cannot eat rice at any time of the day. Instead you can eat poona for breakfast in the morning and in the evening. It is easy to digest. Apart from this you can make crackers whenever you want to eat.

Probiotic benefits

Surprising to know but there are also probiotic benefits of poona. When making poona, it contains good bacteria, which increases metabolism. While rice does not get such benefit.

Low calorie

A bowl of powder has 250 calories, while a bowl of rice has 333 calories. Some people add horn to the powder to enhance the test, but remember that it is high in calories.

Blood sugar

White rice can cause an increase in blood sugar. While powder regulates blood sugar.

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