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Saturday, December 5, 2020

There is a huge amount of adulteration in gold, be careful before buying

With the introduction of Corona virus, the price of gold has skyrocketed. 
The price of gold is at its peak these days. Because of which the common man is also afraid to buy gold, but do you know that as the price of gold is touching the sky. By the way, the game of heavy adulteration in gold is going on fast. Due to which a large quantity of adulterated gold is being sold in Delhi. However, Bullion and Jewelers Association Delhi is receiving complaints in this regard these days. The information of which has been given by the association. The president of The Bullion and Zavalr Association Delhi has said that he is receiving such complaints daily.

According to Yogesh Singhal, iridium is being added to gold. Whose complaints are also being received and the adulteration in gold has also been caught in the investigation. Investigation has revealed that up to 2 per cent of iridium has been added to gold. Which we consider to be serious. At the same time, Yogesh Singhal said that iridium powder is mixed with gold while it is dissolving. This powder is easily mixed when it is mixed with gold while it is dissolving. Because of which it cannot be easily caught. For this reason, if you want to check the adulteration of iridium in gold, then it has to be smelled again. At the same time, even after adulteration, gold is being sold in Delhi saying 99.45 CL.

According to Singhal, pure gold is 99.50 per cent, but these days the purity of gold has been reduced to 99.30 and this adulteration is being sold in the market saying 99.45 CL of gold. On weighing, there are complaints of difference of up to three weights in one kg of gold. Further, he said that many major markets, including Delhi's Kuncha Mahajani, supply gold across the country. Under this, Saraf takes gold from here. In such a situation, the purity of gold will affect the general public across the country. Keeping this in mind, a data of adulterated gold sellers is also being prepared. On which a meeting has also been called. On which action will be taken against such traders.

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