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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Stay away from alcohol in the extremely cold. Why are doctors giving such a warning? know the shocking reason

Thirty First is near, and the cold is getting heavier. 
This condition is 'ideal' for partying enthusiasts, but doctors are warning that it is wise to stay away from alcohol in the killer cold. In northern India, the meteorological department has also issued a five-day cold snap, advising people to stay away from alcohol. The Meteorological Department says that drinking lowers body temperature, and that cold weather can have a detrimental effect on health.

Physician Dr. Jalaj Dixit says that drinking alcohol lowers the body temperature. This is because drinking alcohol widens the veins that carry blood. At the same time body heat is expelled quickly. However, if the outside environment is very cold, the body temperature can also drop rapidly and many diseases including cold can occur. It also greatly increases the risk of heart attack. In addition, asthma patients are more likely to have an attack.

... then harassment can occur

According to Dr. Anshuman Tyagi, people drink alcohol to avoid colds, and there is a belief that drinking alcohol warms the body, but drinking alcohol does not really warm the body. In a state of intoxication, the sensation decreases and you do not feel cold. Feels cool even after drinking alcohol. This increases the risk of high blood pressure. Salt levels rise as you do not sweat in the cold. Drinking alcohol in the cold raises blood sugar levels and blood pressure, which can lead to poor health.

Get plenty of vitamin C, says

Dr. Senior Physician, MMG Hospital, Ghaziabad. R.P. According to Singh, maximum vitamin C should be taken to combat colds. Fruits should be eaten more. The body should be moisturized periodically.

Beware of these things

- do not leave the house without the cold, senior citizens and children stay at home
- Eat more minerals, vitamins, vegetables
- Do not close the room completely, make sure there is some air
Avoid heating in a closed room - Running a heater in a closed room can cause
chest pain - Chest pain, Headache See a doctor immediately without delay if eating, depression or breathing problems occur

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