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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Corona Strain's entry into India, find out why some experts consider it good news?

The new strain of corona virus, which appeared in the UK, is spreading rapidly around the world. 
There have been 20 cases in India as well. The virus spreads more rapidly but it is not yet clear how deadly it is. Some scientists believe that the virus may be highly contagious or even fatal, but not both. Virologists around the world are expressing differing views on this new variant. Some experts have called the covid strain a 'good news'. Let's learn more about this.

Different studies have shown that the UK strain spreads faster, but it does not make you seriously ill. Some scientists consider it good news. Ian Jones, a professor of virology at the University of Reading in the UK, says, "This hypothesis is based on the 19th century physician Theobald Smith's Law of Declaring Virality." This creates a delicate balance between a pathogen and a host. Virologists say that if a viral mutation becomes more lethal, the chances are that it will kill its host before infecting others.

'No need to be afraid of new strains'

Take the Ebola virus for example. This spread quickly and was very lethal, killing the host and reducing the chances of the infection spreading. However, Jonathan Bell, a professor of virology at the University of Nottingham, opposes the idea. They give the example of rabies virus and HIV. HIV has killed more than 30 million people worldwide, but the vaccine has not been developed due to mutations. Experts are also warning that more people will be hospitalized if the new strain spreads quickly. However, it has yet to be proven that a strain transition produces a serious symptom.

The vaccine will also work on new strains

"The only thing that is worse about this virus is that it spreads faster," said Rommel Tikku, Max's covid expert. All other facts are the same as before. The new strain also has no severity, the virus is also detected by the RT-PCR technique, which treats the infected patient based on the symptoms. The good news is that the vaccine will work on new strains as well.

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