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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Saturn transit 2021: Saturn will be eyed on these three zodiac signs, know what will affect your zodiac sign

Sun son Shani is called the god of justice. 
He gives the person according to his karma. If someone is blessed by Shani, then all his bad works begin to happen. On the other hand, if Saturn has bad eyesight, then it has to face all kinds of problems. Saturn transit, Satisati Saturn and Mahadasha of Saturn lead to major changes in life. In the year 2021, Shani Dev will not change his zodiac sign and he will remain in his own sign Capricorn throughout the year. This year, the constellation of Saturn will be replaced by the zodiac sign. At the beginning of the year, Saturn will be in Uttarashada Nakshatra, the lord of which is the Sun and will enter Shravan Nakshatra on 22 January. After this Shani Dev will transit in Uttarashada and Shravan constellations. In 2021, on the basis of Saturn's constellation change, the people will give fruits. People of Gemini, Leo and Aquarius will have to be careful.


2021 you will get mixed results of Saturn's transit. During this time you will have to work very hard in the field, but you will get the fruits of hard work. However, your relationship with father may deteriorate during this period. You have to take special care of their health as well. Due to this, your family life can also become a short distance from you. After January 22, Saturn will go to Moon's constellation Shravan. During this time there will be some sweetness in your relationship with your father.


the beginning of  year, Saturn will be in Uttarashada Nakshatra, due to which you will get family happiness. If you are thinking of buying a new property or vehicle, then you will get success. Those who are getting higher education will get the fruits of their hard work. The economic situation will improve as many new sources of income will be found. If the people of this amount want to go abroad, then they should try it during this transit, they can get success. This transit is going to be very good for you.


Due to the influence of Saturn Dev, the year 2021 will bring many ups and downs in your life. You may fail in many tasks. Because of this you can also come under mental stress. The impact of this transit will also affect your younger siblings, due to which they too may have to suffer. You also need to be careful in financial matters. Make in-laws from the side or else they can cause stress. Overall, this transit has brought many problems for you and you have to work patiently.


Saturn transit: From 2021, Cancerians will get mixed results. By entering Saturn in Uttarashada Nakshatra, your spouse may have to face health related problems. During this time you need to take special care of them. This is expected to be a good time for business-bound people. There is every possibility of getting success in business. This time is going to be very good for the lovers. Long-standing disputes will be away.


This transit of Leo Shani will have the most impact on your health and you need to be very careful. This year you will get success in putting pressure on your opponents. If you have applied any kind of loan from the bank, during this transit you can get success in that too. However, this transit is not good for love life. There may be an argument with the partner. If there is a case going on in the court, you will get success in it. The expenses will be more than the income.


Saturn's transit has also brought mixed results for you. Some students may have to face hindrance in studies. During this, mental stress may increase. In the case of love, this transit is good and some people can also have a love marriage. Transmission of Saturn in Shravan Nakshatra has the potential to increase your income. During this time, sources of wealth will increase in your life.


You can benefit from this transit of Shani Dev in the area of ​​property. If you are thinking of buying property, then it will be auspicious for you to buy in this transitory period. Your dream of building your own house can also be fulfilled. Your respect will increase in social terms. You will get success in the field and your financial side will be very strong. Despite working hard in some work, he will be disappointed for not getting the right result. Walk in harmony between your professional and personal life.


You are going to get very positive results from this Shani transit. You will get success in everything. This will only make you happy in your life. During this transiting period, people will come closer to their family members. Your younger siblings may have trouble with anything. You will get benefit from visits during this period. You are also expected to gain money suddenly. During the transiting period, your luck will support you fully. You will also remain strong financially.


The Saturn transit of 2021 will give positive results to Dhanu Natives. During this time, you will get full luck. Your family environment is expected to be much better. Any problem going on for a long time can end soon. With the effect of this transit, you will get full support of your younger siblings. With the arrival of Shani in Shravan Nakshatra, there will be sudden sum of wealth in your life. During this time you can also get the benefit of any ancestral property. Parents' health will need to be taken care of.


This transit will keep your life fluctuating. You will get the full support of your father during the tour of Saturn's Uttarshada Nakshatra. Be aware of your health, otherwise a big problem can bother you. There are chances of tension in the married life of Capricorn people, but you will get full support from your in-laws' side. Natives associated with the field of business may have to go on a journey.


This Saturn transit of 2021 is likely to have a significant negative impact on the people of Aquarius. There may be some big problems in your married life. Apart from this, you also need to be very careful in terms of health. Your financial expenses are likely to increase. The pain in your feet may begin and at the same time you may have problems with sleep. During this time, the possibility of going far away can be formed. There are chances of success for the people associated with the field of business.


Pisces people are expected to get a lot of positive effects from this transit. You will be able to win over your opponents. This transit is going to be very good for those people of Pisces zodiac who are involved in the field of education. During this transit, the profit of money is also being made. There may be profit from any foreign source, due to which there is a strong expectation of increase in your income. Physically, this time is going to be very favorable for you.

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