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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Remo D'Souza told the whole story of the day he had a heart attack

Her family and friends were shocked when director-choreographer Remo D'Souza suffered a heart attack a few days ago. 
Remo D'Souza, the director of films like 'ABCD: Anne Buddy Can Dance', 'Race 3' and 'Super Dancer 3D', is known for his fitness. So when he had a heart attack, it was difficult for everyone who knew him to say this.

Speaking to the Bombay Times, Remo D'Souza said, "Yes, this shocked everyone. To be honest, I was shocked myself! However, I am happy that my condition is improving and doctors are constantly checking me. According to him, my heart is returning to normal. "

In which information about heart rate and ECG keeps coming. On the screen of the watch was written, "Are you not in good health?" It was a pain I had never experienced in my life. When we got to the hospital, the doctors told us they had a major heart attack. "

According to Remo, this was the scariest period of his life. "I was told, my right artery is 100 percent blocked. Normally a person's heart works 55 percent but when I was brought to the hospital my heart was working only 25 percent. How did this happen to me? I had my body checked up periodically. This may be due to heredity, pre-workout sessions or stress. Doctors are trying to find the cause and I am in a hurry to find out. Many people think that I am taking steroids but this is totally wrong. I am a natural. I have faith in the body, "said Remo.

Remo is currently resting at his home in Goregaon. Talking about his diet, Remo said, "Right now I have to go on a diet. I have to stop eating oil, salt and soy for a month. At present my heart is 40 per cent working and once it reaches 50 per cent my life will be normal Until then, at least two months of workouts, diving and work will be off. All I have to do is relax. "

Fans and others prayed for Remo when his health deteriorated. Grateful for this, Remo said, "I think a lot of prayers and blessings have had an effect and that is why my life has been saved. I have realized that we have only one life to live. When I was in the hospital I had an eye. Stopped and thought that if I die people will remember me for a few days and then forget.That is why this life is a priceless gift.You need to think about how to spend it.I think everyone should love everyone There is no need to hate. The most important thing is your family. I call my wife Santa Claus. She has always been by my side. In the same way my friends have been very careful. "

Remo and Salman Khan worked together in the movie 'Race 3'. Remo directed the film. So while thanking the well wishers, Remo also remembered Salman Khan. Remo said, "We call Salman an angel because his heart is of gold. I have worked with him and I know he is a very good person. There is no special conversation between me and Salman. I just say 'OK sir, yes sir'. All I can say is that there is a good relationship between my wife and Salman. When I was taken to the hospital, Lizelle called Salman. I was in the hospital for 6 days and in the meanwhile Salman took care of me. Was talking to the doctors. "

Now Remo is looking forward to starting work again. Remo said, "In the new year I will start working on my next project. I was working on a script during the lockdown. I am very excited for this project but can't say much at the moment. We will start this project by April 2021." , "

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