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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

OMG! These people may have to eat pomegranate expensive

In order to strengthen the body in the disease, the doctor always tells the patient to eat pomegranate so that there is no lack of blood in the body. 
Because pomegranate also has the power to fight many diseases. Many such things are found in pomegranate, which is very slow for the body, but it is said that if everything becomes too much. So no matter how good she is. But his losses also begin.

Similarly, pomegranate also has many properties, but if the pomegranate is eaten more then pomegranate also becomes harmful for the body. As we all know that blood pressure can be controlled by eating pomegranate, but have you heard that if you eat this pomegranate more. So people with low blood pressure can do much harm.

Similarly, if there is influenza, cough or constipation, then pomegranate should never be eaten in these diseases. If pomegranate is eaten in these diseases, the disease increases further and the effect of medicines also decreases.

Along with this, people with allergies also eat less pomegranate and if there is food also, ask the doctor. Eat pomegranate only after that. So that you do not have to take any kind of trouble.

Several studies have shown that for those who are undergoing treatment for AIDS or mental illness, pomegranate intake along with treatment may be heavy.

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