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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Nostradamus predicts: famine, earthquake, and new virus will hit the world in 2021


Nostradamus is one of the prophets of the world, who has already told much about the future ahead of time. What will happen, how will everything happen. The 465-year-old prophecies of the French-born Michael the Nostradamus have surprised people to this day. He made many predictions about the world centuries ago in a book called 'Less Professions', that is, the professions. The first edition of the book, which came out in 1555, contains a total of 6338 prophecies, of which about 70 per cent have come true. The prophecies of Nostradamus are in verses, called 'Quatrain'.

The prediction for 2020 has also come true
The year 2020 has been scary, disturbing for the whole world. Nostradamus also predicted the corona virus epidemic. Apart from this, there are many historical events in which his words are accurate. Let us know how Nastredamus has predicted for the year 2021.

Jombi-  You would be surprised to know that Nostradamus had spoken of Jombi 5 centuries ago, according to a prophecy that a Russian scientist would develop such a biological weapon and virus that would make humans a zombie.

There will be famine, earthquake will come
Nostradamus had said that famines, earthquakes, various diseases and epidemics would be the first signs of the end of the world, with the corona virus epidemic in 2020 could be considered its beginning. There is a possibility of an earthquake in California this year, as predicted by Nostradamus, a catastrophic earthquake will devastate the 'New World'. California is being called its logical place.

Comet will hit Earth
Nostradamus has also spoken of hitting a comet with the Earth in a prophecy, which could cause earthquakes and many natural disasters. This year is being called the year of the destruction of the sun, Nostradamus also said in a warning that the sea level rises and the earth merges with it. Fights will start in the world for resources and people will flee. Let us tell you that even NASA scientists have predicted the possibility of a big comet hitting the Earth. The strength of this asteroid will be about 15 times higher than the nuclear bus that was dropped by the US on Hiroshima in 1945.

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