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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

6 most expensive actors of 'Sholay', Gabbar's fees will surprise you

Sholay Actors Fees

There have been one to one movies in Bollywood but some films have been such tremendous hits that no one has broken their record till date. One such Bollywood film is 'Sholay'. This film, which came in the year 1975, is still loved by the audience. It has always been a matter of curiosity to know how much the actors of this film, which earned a splash at the box office, got paid. So, today we tell you which artist has received a fee in the film Sholay.

1. Dharmendra

Dharmendra in sholay

Dhakad actor Dharmendra Deol played the role of 'Veeru' in the Sholay film. Dharmendra's character became so popular in the film that even today his character is repeated in the street drama. Dharmendra received the highest amount for this film. It was about 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees.

2. Sanjeev KumarSholay actors fees

Sanjeev Kumar, a promising actor in the film industry, was paid Rs 1 lakh 25 thousand for doing this film. Actor Sanjeev Kumar played the character of 'Thakur Baldev Singh' in the film Sholay. Let me tell you that this character became very famous with this film.

3. Hema Malinihema malini in sholay

'Hema Malini', who played Tangay in the film Sholay, was considered to be the top actress of Bollywood in those days. In this film, Hema Malini made four moons with her acting. He received a fee of only 75 thousand rupees for this film.

4. Jaya Bachchan

jaya badhuri in sholay

Jaya Bachchan, who will be seen in the role of Radha in this film, you will remember. In the film, 'Jaya Bachchan' played the role of a widow woman and has done full justice to her character. He was paid 35 thousand rupees for the film Sholay.

5. Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan in sholay

Amitabh Bachchan, known as Bollywood's Shenshah, became the most loved superstar of all by playing the role of 'Jai' in the film Sholay. He was one of the main characters of the film. Amitabh was paid a fee of Rs 1 lakh for this film.

6. Amjad Khan

amjad khan in sholay

As such, 'Amjad Khan' has played villain in many Bollywood films. But the most popularity he has gained is from the film Sholay. Amjad played the role of the robber Gabbar in the film. Talk that Amjad Khan was given 50 thousand rupees for the character of 'Gabbar' in this film.

Whose character did you like best in Sholay?

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