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Saturday, December 12, 2020

In these countries you can drive with an Indian driving license, you know what?

Nowadays everyone wants to travel the world, but many people do not get this wish fulfilled. 
However, many people are busy day and night to fulfill their dreams. But if you really want to enjoy the journey, it is only in driving the car because you are more comfortable with the family and you can easily go anywhere. However, if you want to travel abroad with family by car, you will need a license.

Only then can you drive easily on the roads. If you have a driving license, then you can enjoy driving in these countries. Because in these countries, an international driving license is not required, but it is mandatory to have a driving license in English and the local language.

Find out in which countries you can easily use Indian driving license ?


Germany comes first in this list, where you can drive with an Indian driving license. But you have to keep in mind that its validity is only 6 months. If you still want to drive after 6 months, you have to contact the local RTO.


In this country, the validity of Indian driving license is for one year. However, it must be in English. After which you can drive here without worrying.


You can use Indian driving license here for only three months. You can drive in Scotland, Wales and England with a driver's license.


You can drive in Norway with an Indian driving license for three months without any worries. Must be in English. However, you can contact the local RTO for this.


Here too you can drive with an Indian driving license. Its validity here is for one year. After this, you can only drive if the RTO allows you to do so.

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