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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Follow these simple tips to complete calcium deficiency in the body

Calcium is very important for our body. 
Lack of calcium causes many diseases. Because, calcium is necessary for our body bones and calcium is the most helpful in the development of the body. Calcium also assists in blood clotting. According to medics most people have these problems with aging. As a person grows old, his bones become thinner. In such a situation, the body needs calcium. If there is a deficiency in your body, then it can be overcome by eating some things.

Main reasons for calcium deficiency

  • Avoiding calcium content
  • Reduced calcium absorption from food due to weak digestion.
  • Women have more than normal menstrual periods
  • Breastfeeding newborns
  • Lack of sun, physical exertion and compound activities
  • Excess consumption of alcohol, chocolate, cake

These symptoms appear in the body

  • Bone fracture
  • Waist bending
  • Teeth start to melt
  • Not having children on time
  • Always feeling tired and weak
  • Excessive hair loss

These measures will complete calcium deficiency

  • Eat millet and whole foods, they are rich in calcium.
  • Do have breakfast in the morning, you can also drink soy milk for breakfast.
  • To complete calcium deficiency, eat basil leaves, celery seeds, you can use them in salads or soups.
  • Include green vegetables in your diet. In this, consume more of broccoli, cabbage and spinach. leafy green
  • Vegetables are also rich in iron. There is also no lack of blood in the body.
  • Add 1 bowl of curd to your meal every day. By the way, you can also eat cheese to meet calcium deficiency.

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