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Saturday, December 19, 2020

After marriage, every girl has to face these 4 challenges, prepare yourself now

Every girl sees the dream of marriage and marriage also matters in everyone's life. 
The wrong decision of marriage can ruin the lives of not two people but two families. Therefore, the decision to marry should be taken very thoughtfully. After the wedding, the bride and groom undergo many changes in their lives. Especially the life of girls changes completely after marriage. After marriage, every girl has to make a place for herself in a house where she does not know anything about it. For this, he has to face many types of challenges. Today we are going to tell you about some such challenges.

If the
girl is alone at her house before marriage, then she has their parents, siblings. But when they go to another house after getting married, they start feeling lonely. This is also because after marriage, not only the girls but also their in-laws are unaware of them and they give the girl full time to adjust to that house. This is why girls sometimes feel lonely and helpless. They do not express their feelings.

The daughter-in-law's responsibility:
Before marriage, girls live in their own home with full freedom and enjoyment, while after marriage, they suddenly bear the responsibility of daughter-in-law. Suddenly many relationships are formed in her life, which makes her nervous. Not only this, even girls who have never worked at their home are asked to run the entire house after marriage. Every girl lives in her house according to her wish, if it is not done then she has not done the work, but after marriage, it is no less of a challenge for her to suddenly take up such responsibilities.

Working women have
to do this kind of working women i.e. working women to create equal balance in private life . If girls live alone or with their family before marriage, then they easily balance their professional and personal life, but it is very difficult for them to maintain this balance in their in-laws. This is because he gets the title of daughter-in-law, due to which he also gets 10 responsibilities. They also have to think about everything back and forth when they come to their in-laws. Before marriage, even if she did not do any work at her house, she used to have great expectations from them, which she has to fulfill in every situation. For this reason, sometimes she also becomes irritable

Everyone likes personal space, not having space for themselves . Before marriage, girls used to live in their rooms with their personal space, whereas after going to the in-laws after marriage, they do not get time to spend a little time with themselves. As soon as she goes to her in-laws house, she gets so busy with work that there is no such thing as personal space left with her. She can't think anything about herself. Often girls do not get their personal space after marriage. Due to lack of personal space, sometimes she starts living in a lot of stress and when this stress is increased due to which she often gets irritated and everyone is surprised to see such changes in them.

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