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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Follow these Feng Shui tips for progress in career, happiness and peace at home

 is the importance of the way Vastu Shastra in need, just as the importance of feng shui in China. Feng Shui has many tips for happiness, peace and prosperity at home. By adopting them, you can make your life happy.

Hanging a couple of fish in a house in Feng Shui is considered very auspicious. By doing this you make the sum related to promotion and money gain in the job.

The addition of idols of birds like lovebirds, mandarin ducks should be set up at home. They are considered to be a symbol of love. According to Feng Shui scripture, applying them at home keeps prosperity in married life.

A fountain or a pond in the northeast of the house is considered auspicious. At the same time, her water flow should be towards the house, because of this, Goddess Lakshmi always remains pleased.

Never put violent pictures in the house and put pictures of river, pond and waterfall in the north direction of the house. Violent photos always bring negative energy into the house.

You can keep anything made of metal in your office, it is considered very auspicious. This opens the way for your progress and there is no hindrance.

White tiger, black turtle, dragon picture, keeping red bird in house is considered auspicious in Feng Shui. This does not enter negative energy in the house.

Green plants should be kept in the earthen pot in the house towards east. This leads to happiness, peace and prosperity in the house.

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