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Friday, December 11, 2020

Facebook earns billions due to content creators, creators do not get their real wages in return

In today's era, the platforms of companies offering services related to the Internet or social media are used a lot. 
Due to this, their profits are increasing every year, but the objectionable thing is that as fast as the profits of these companies are increasing, those companies do not provide that much benefit to the people making the content, which shows their fraudulent malice. They are expanding their business, but the creators are standing everywhere. According to 
report , Facebook's largest social media company grew by 43 percent to Rs 1,277.3 crore during the last financial year 2019-20. At the same time, the company's profit more than doubled to Rs 135.7 crore. Facebook India's net profit rose 107 percent to Rs 135.7 crore in FY 2019-20. The company made a profit of Rs 65.3 crore last year.

On India's participation in the growing business, a Facebook spokesperson said , "India was an important market for them and they are making plans to increase investment here." Similarly, tech giant and investigator Baba Google also gave similar information in November and reported that Google's revenue in India increased by 34.8 percent to Rs 5,593.8 crore in 2019-20. Its profit rose 23.9 percent to Rs 586.2 crore.

facebook acts as a non-exclusive reseller of any advertisement list in India. It also provides marketing, IT / ITES and other support services to the Facebook group. In addition, facebook India pays parity tax for 6% of the funds raised in India through online advertising by the Government of India. Last year, Facebook India paid Rs 369.5 crore and Google India paid Rs 611.1 crore.

The special thing is that Indian content creators put their content on the platform of these companies, which these companies take advantage of. Advertisements are also broadcast on the content of these creators, but these creators do not get as much profit by the companies as they should. Due to this, the creators enter into agreements with different brands, but many times these creators also get cheated. No special arrangements have been made by the companies regarding the digital security of these creators. These companies are increasing their revenue annually through Indian users and content creators in large amounts, but also give some percentage of it to the people who successfully make their platform successful which is objectionable.

These companies need to be summoned by the government on this fraud happening from such people, as well as the creators also need to raise their voice against these companies because these platforms are popular in India only because of these creators.

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