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Friday, December 11, 2020

Train between India and Bangladesh will run again after 55 years


New Delhi: After a long wait of 55 years, the train will once again run between India and Bangladesh. The rail route between Haldibari in West Bengal and Chilhati in Bangladesh will be reopened from December 17. NFR Chief Public Relations Officer Subhanan Chanda said that PM Narendra Modi and Bangladeshi PM counterpart Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the Haldibari-Chilhati rail route on 17 December. 

In 1965, the railway line between Haldibari in Cooch Behar and Chilhati in northern Bangladesh was closed following the breakdown of rail links between India and the then East Pakistan. Now this rail route is being started once again. NFR Chief Public Relations Officer Subhan Chanda said that a freight train would run from Chirhati to Haldibari, which is under the Katihar division of NRF.

Kavihar Divisional Railway Manager Ravindra Kumar Verma said that the Ministry of Railways on Tuesday informed the officials of the decision to reopen the rail route. Katihar Divisional Railway Manager Ravinder Kumar Verma said that the Ministry of External Affairs on Tuesday informed the authorities about the restoration of the rail route.

The NFR said that the distance from Haldibari railway station to the international border is four and a half kilometers and the distance from Chilhati to the border in Bangladesh is around seven and a half kilometers. Explain that with the commencement of passenger train service on this route, people going from Kolkata to Jalpaiguri will take only seven hours.

Earlier it used to take 12 hours i.e. a saving of 5 hours. NEF headquartered in Maligaon, Guwahati covers the entire Northeast region and parts of Bihar and West Bengal. The distance from the international border to Haldibari railway station is 4.5 kilometers, while the distance to Chilhati in Bangladesh is around 7.5 kilometers from Zero point.

Both Haldibari and Chilhati stations were on the old broad gauge railway route between Siliguri and Kolkata, passing through areas in present-day Bangladesh.

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