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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Does Corona increase the risk of heart attack? Find out what the experts say

In the fight against Corona , we have gone as far as we can. People in many parts of the world have begun to be vaccinated against corona. The pace of transition in India has also slowed down and the number of cases of corona has been steadily declining. The big question is, will corona cases not increase in India now? According to health experts, India could survive another wave of epidemics. Well known virologist Dr. According to Shahid Jamil, even if the second wave comes, it will be weaker than the first wave.

Doesn't Corona's case see a resurgence now?

Will there not be a surge in Corona cases in India and will there be less now? Dr. Gangaram Hospital in New Delhi. Lt. Gen. Ved Chaturvedi says that whatever predictions are made in view of the trend in any epidemic, it is done on the basis of mathematical models. The math can never change. If the case starts growing again tomorrow, all the calculations will be different.

The case will be under control if the habits are kept public

That said, one of the reasons this transition is so low may be that, when the cold gets worse, people are less likely to get out of the house. However, in one year we have learned a lot. I have suffered a lot. Which is changing our habits. If you keep these habits public, the case will be under control.

Does Corona increase the risk of heart attack?

Many people experience post-corona symptoms after recovering from a corona infection. One of the questions that arises is whether the risk of heart attack increases after recovering from corona? Dr. on it. Lt. Gen. Ved says that, initially, based on half of the data, it is known that death occurs in the corona. Then we realized that the cause of death was a lung infection. When a postmortem study was done in Italy, it was found that these become thrombi. So clotting is more. Which leads to heart attack. Indeed, increased coating in the corona increases the risk of heart attack.

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