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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Do these 7 easy steps on Saturday, Saturn dosh will be removed

In Hinduism, worship of Shani Dev on Saturday is considered very important. 
Worshiping Shani Dev on Saturday, undue influence of human planets, There may be physical distress and more difficulty in business. If a person is afraid of any planet, then he is Shanidev. Shanidev is the son of Surya and when his name comes to mind, the mind starts to panic due to the possibility of many kinds of evil. Shani is a god of extreme philosophical and spiritual tendency due to slow movement. Due to their effect, a person undergoes many types of fire test and brightens them like gold. If a person is in the auspicious place of Saturn in Kundali, then one gets immense wealth and respect. Conversely if inauspicious places cause heavy damage. We are going to tell you the great measures of Shanidev that a person is free from Shani dosha (Shanidosh) and all his works are started.

1. To get the grace of Shani you have to respect and honor your parents. They have to be served as well. If they are away from you, then you salute their picture. Call him daily and take his blessings. This remedy will give you miraculous benefits.

2. If you are walking on the bed or half-and-half of Shiva and you are troubled by the troubles being faced by Saturn, then you should wear sapphire after consulting an astrologer. If you cannot take it, tie the root of shami in black cloth and wear it on your side.

3. Chant at least three garlands of Shani's mantra "Om Pran Pryn Pran: Saturnashraya Namah" every day.

4. Donation of Shani is a good solution to remove troubles. To get the grace of Shani, you can donate iron, black sesame, urad, kulathi, musk, black clothes, black shoes, tea leaf, etc.

5. Wrap raw cotton seven times around the peepal tree on Saturday. Keep in mind that while wrapping the thread, keep chanting the mantra of Shani. Please donate. Eat plain salt-spice-free food only once on a Saturday or make khichdi and eat it.

6. Feed the black dogs chilled bread and sweets in oil every Saturday. If this remedy is not possible, then black dogs can also be fed biscuits. Similarly, Shani Dev is also very happy with the service of black cow and removes the defect from them.

7. Hanuman Ji should be worshiped to remove Shani related defects. If you are troubled by Shani's dhaiyya or half-century, then worship Lord Hanuman daily. Read Sundarkand especially on Tuesday and Saturday and offer sindoor chola to Hanuman ji.

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