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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Discoveries that made human life easier

Man is a reflective creature. 
From making stone weapons, man has sent a vehicle to Mars today. It means to say that with the passage of time, man has technically made a lot of progress, he has invented many.

The meaning of these inventions was to make their life more simple and easy. Meanwhile, some of these inventions took place, which revolutionized human life in a very short period of time.

In this article we will try to know about those same inventions…


If we talk about modern inventions, then internet will probably come first among them. Internet is such a network of networks, which is spread all over the world and with the help of which today any person can get all kinds of information at any time. This thing makes it very important and revolutionary.

America's Defense Advance Research Projects Agency built the apranet in 1960 . It was a computer-to-computer network and used for military and academic research. In 1970, scientists created the 'single protocol'. Now a networked computer could connect to another type of networked computer.

Within about ten years, all types of networks adopted this protocol. This is where the Internet started. Today, the Internet has completely changed the socio-economic-political-cultural fabric. We can send unlimited quantity of information from here to there in a moment.


A computer is such a machine, inside which information goes, there they are manipulated, and then they become some new information and get out of it. The explorer of modern computers cannot be considered one.

In this area, the views of British mathematician Alan Turing are considered very important. Although computing started in the early nineteenth century, modern computers were discovered in the 20th century.

Computers have the ability to solve complex mathematical problems in an instant. When the computer works on the instructions of a qualified coordinator, then unmatched results can be obtained from it.

Today, large and powerful aircraft cannot fly without military programming without computers. Whether we have to install artificial satellites in space or find out the cause of a complex disease and find a cure for it, today we are completely dependent on computers for these tasks. To be honest, computers have now become an essential part of our normal life.

Today, the computer provides us with the facility that we can collect a lot of information from one place and get it from another place easily. Everything from cars to smartphones are running on computer programming only.

Steam engine

Before the introduction of the steam engine, all things were made almost by hand. Steam engines started running machines and gave birth to the Industrial Revolution. Therefore, it has a special significance in history. Steam engines started the machines and the machines produced more products in less time. The first such engine was built by Thomas Newcome in 1712.

Later in 1769 , James Watt made a steam engine by adding a new condenser to this engine. In fact, the condenser installed by James Watt increased the strength of the old engine and made it workable practically.

James also found a way to increase the rotary speed of the engine. This further increased the power of the engine. However, the engines up to this time were very heavy. Further people like Richard Trathwick created new engines.

These new engines were able to pull the coaches of the rail. Further these same engines were used in factories. They executed the production at a fast pace and prepared the platform for further discoveries.


As the steam engine drove industries, so did the automobile.

If we look carefully, the invention of the wheel was very important in this direction. But the wheel was made more effective by giving it mechanical strength and it was given the name of automobile. The idea of ​​individual vehicles had been with the people for centuries, but in 1885 Karl Benz first formulated it.

He built a vehicle with the help of a small engine. The vehicle was named 'Motorwagon'. Henry Ford further developed this. The advanced technology adopted by them greatly reduced the price of vehicles.

Further, through better marketing, these vehicles started reaching the common people as well. Hitler made such cheap cars with the help of the common people of Germany with government help. These vehicles were called Volkswagen. Means ordinary people's car. 

Today, automobile has changed the entire blueprint of human life. With the help of automobiles, today human beings can decide long distances in a moment. Today, we do not have to think much before going to a place far away. We just have to prepare.

Automobiles have become lifelines for cities. On the one hand, industries are established in the cities, on the other side there are residential settlements. In such a situation, the life of people has been able to run smoothly with the help of automobiles. They go away from home in the morning to work and return in the evening. However, with ease, automobiles have also given rise to gigantic pollution.

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