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Sunday, December 20, 2020

'Blue Tick' to hit Twitter again, verification system to be relaunched from January 20

Twitter said on Friday that it would re-launch its account verification process from January 20. 
Through it, active and authenticated user accounts will get a Blue Verified tick. After the implementation of the new process, the verification mark will be stripped from the interactive account on the microblogging platform. In November, Twitter announced that it would relaunch its account verification process from early 2021. And people were asked to share feedback on the draft of the new verification policy between November 24 and December 8.

Verification was stopped three years ago

The company suspended its public verification program three years ago. This was done after the complaint was received that many people were feeling arbitrary and confused. Twitter said in a blogpost that in the two weeks since the public feedback period, they have received more than 22,000 survey responses and understood how they can improve their policy. They will start implementing the policy from January 20, 2021. Along with this, they will also start removing traces of verification from inactive and incomplete accounts.

Verification will be removed from some accounts

He further said that this new policy will lay the foundation for future reforms in which it will explain what is meant by verification, who is eligible for verification and why some accounts may lose verification. To make sure the program is more justified. Twitter said it had updated some areas of its verification policy based on feedback.

The social media platform has changed its terminology and will no longer require a profile bio or header image. With this, the headings of the news category have been expanded to include sports and experts in the news and journalist and sports categories.

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