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Monday, December 14, 2020

A pinch of salt can remove all your problems, learn how

 has a great impact on human life, this effect is both negative and positive. If there is a Vastu Dosh at the person's home or business place then there is negative impact in life. If everything is according to Vastu, then happiness and prosperity in life remains. Salt is said to be very useful in Vastu Shastra. With the help of salt, you can wake up your sleeping fortune.

Removes negativity
Salt should be kept in the bathroom in a glass cup or bowl with salt, this removes the Vaastu defects of the house and destroys the negative energy in the house. The obstacles in the way of progress in life are overcome.

To avoid diseases,
if a member of your family is often ill, then you put salt in a copper vessel in his room. This will give them health benefits.

To increase the goodluck in the house-shop, tie
salt in the red colored cloth and hang it at home or in the main door of the shop, this will not enter negative power in you and the shop. This will also increase good luck.

increase business, to increase profits in the business, you should tie it in red cloth over your vault and hang it with salt. It will give you money benefit.

If you are unaware of the nagging fear,
if you are feeling negative energy or scared then put salt in a glass pot and put it in any corner of the house. This evil power will end it.

At the time of bathing
daily , while bathing, mix a pinch of salt in your water, this will make your whole day good and all things will be successful.

If a person is caught sight to avoid eye defect, then take a pinch of salt and rotate it above the head five times and leave this salt in the flowing water.

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