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Thursday, December 3, 2020

5 Most Beautiful Indian Train Journeys

Train travel makes it very boring and tired. 
Most of us consider sleeping better to pass the time. Though we are not suggesting that one should not do this but imagine for a moment the fascinating places around your train that will not only calm your mind but fill your heart with joy and thoughts , Isn't it special?

India has a wealth of celestial scenes and some of them can also be experienced by train journeys. Once in a lifetime you must have these experiences and if you have a poetic heart, then you can do it at the time of these train journeys. Special experience can also be described in writing.

1. Himalayan Queen

Traveling on this train running on the Kalka-Shimla route is a beautiful feeling. To travel in a train you have to book in advance. The best part of the session is that the weather is always so pleasant that the train does not require AC. However, it is a toy-train capable of carrying a limited number of passengers.

2 . Island  express

The train runs between Kanyakumari and Trivandrum. Surrounded by clear water, greenery and islands, this journey is very special. If you get to see rain during the journey, then the journey looks more beautiful. If you like photography, you will get some really good clicks from this trip.

3. Jammu Mail

The 53 km long journey from Jammu to Udhampur has 20 tunnels and 158 bridges, which itself sounds exciting. 
You will get to see some of the most amazing scenes which will mesmerize you. It is a very special experience.

4. Delhi-Jaisalmer Express

The train journey passes through the deserts of Alwar, Jaipur and finally reaches Jodhpur. 
The far-flung desert gives a grand view. Though the whole journey is very special, sunset and sunrise are the most special moments of this journey. You can forget everything about your life by looking outside the window.

5 .Goa Express

The train passes from Goa to Gonda in Karnataka around the waterfalls. 
Apart from this, it gives you the experience of beaches, dense forests, sky-touching mountains, and deep valleys in Goa.

So now the idea of ​​train travel does not seem boring. Is not it? All these journeys will be included in your life experience and who knows how to change your life.

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