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Monday, November 16, 2020

Weekly Horoscope 16 to 22 November: There will be a big change in the fortunes of these five zodiac signs, know your fortune



career or business will have to proceed with patience. There will be some obstacles in the work area. But the solution will come out if the challenges are faced with courage. Helping a female friend will become a mess. On November 22, the mind will be restless. Traders will face some slowdown in business this week. But the time of traders of hosiery, woolen cloth and readymade garments will be relatively good. Time for employed people is moderate. In difficult moments, the love partner will be relieved. Do not ignore the feelings of the spouse to bring sweetness to the married life.


This zodiac sign will spend this week fulfilling its responsibilities. Whether you are home or business, your expectations of people will increase. The pressure to keep promises or responsibilities made to family and relatives will remain for the whole week. It will be busy on 20 November. There will be increased interest in religious works. The time of traders is mixed fruitful. This week there will be an increase in workload on the employed people. If you are planning to buy or sell a house or land, then it is better to postpone it for some time. Female professionals will have some complications. Differences can arise with a love partner about something. Take special care of mother's health.


This week needs special attention on your health. Employed people may face some problems in the workplace. However, during this time you will get the full support of your well wishers and friends. In times of crisis, they will be seen standing with you. On November 22, there will be tension in the mind about anything. Take full care of the feelings of others while solving family problems. This week will prove to be better for retail traders than wholesalers. Long distance travel may also occur in connection with business. Time will be good for people associated with banks, insurance, finance etc. Students preparing for competition can get good news.


people may lose their mind this week. This week, you should avoid getting misled by others and move ahead by taking a decision with discretion, otherwise you may get into difficulties. Working with patience and understanding will pave the way for success. There will be full support from the in-laws' side to overcome the difficulties in life. On November 19, there may be some problems in the business, but there is no loss of any kind. It would be better for working people to work in harmony with their colleagues. There will be mental pressure on the students of the vocational course and those looking for jobs. There may be some obstacles in love relationship also.


may have to travel for long distance. The journey will prove to be pleasant and profitable. Will meet an effective person. There will be a chance to work on new plans. However avoid any form of appearances, otherwise you can also become a character of laughter. Any auspicious work can be done in the family. On November 19, there will be futile confusion. Traders may face some difficulties in lending. Those involved in commission and chemical business are expected to get more than expected profit. With the help of a female friend, the misunderstandings coming in the love relationship will be removed and you will get a chance to spend a good time with your love partner. Your family can affix marriage to your love affair. Sweetness will remain in married life.


careful, accident happened. This week, the natives of Virgo will have to understand this and work well. Any hasty or decisions taken under pressure can cause problems. Make decisions in business, new investments and transactions. Drive slowly otherwise injury may also occur. Avoid risky tasks on 21 November. Marital life or love affair can be wrangle by worshiping the feelings of others. Take special care of your health this week. Chronic diseases may once again emerge. Short work trips are possible at the end of the week. Take care of both health and equals during the journey.


This week has brought new and profitable plans for the future. Business will gain momentum. Can invest in new schemes. Be sure to consult the well wishers before investing big money. The job is the sum of the progress of the people. You can get the desired position. But avoid investing money in the stock market and betting this week, otherwise losses may be incurred. It is a good time for the youth who are preparing for competitive exams and interviews. Pleasant news can come from the child side at the end of the week. Sweetness will remain in married life and love affairs. The arrival of any guest in the house will remain bright and the weekend will be spent celebrating with family members.


This week, instead of getting seduced by others, you will have to work at your own discretion. Useless issues may arise this week and there may be ideological differences with family members. The mind will be restless due to some obstacles in the business. Work load may increase on employed people. November 18 is the sum of contingent expenses. Traders will have some transaction problems. However, the time of court-court, banking sector and consultants will be relatively good. A senior person can be helped to solve problems related to family life. Bone related diseases can disturb women. Students' mind can get rid of studies.


The thing you have been waiting for for the past several weeks, your wish will be fulfilled this week. Career or business will be full of luck. A favorable environment will be created both at home and outside. There will be proposals for progress in career. This week will prove to be pleasant for teachers, writers, journalists, intellectuals and media workers. On 19 November - obstacles will come, but with the help of friends you will be able to overcome it. The time of traders is profitable. Employed people will get opportunities for advancement. The wait of those wandering in search of employment will end. There is a sum of Manglik program in the family. You can get an opportunity to visit a religious place.


this week will get an opportunity to complete the long pending work. With the help of friends, you will be able to solve a big problem. However, there will be pressure on you to maintain your family obligations throughout the week. On November 19, the mind will be worried about anything related to the child. Your hard work will result in little. Invest thoughtfully in a new plan. The time of the traders is moderate. Factors or commission agents will be confused with the transaction. The time of the employed people is fine. Thinkingly increase pang in love affair. A thing made with haste can worsen.


There will be a need to avoid any kind of tussle in Aquarius marriage. There may be misunderstandings or misunderstandings in the family regarding the spouse. Any kind of negligence in the workplace can damage the reputation. Avoid taking any risk at the end of the week. Avoid taking the risk in the circle of traders to make more profit, otherwise losses may be incurred. Time will be fine for those engaged in government service, but those who trade in the stock market, betting, futures trading will need to work carefully. The mind will remain troubled due to any concern related to the love partner.


Will have festive fatigue and laziness at the beginning of the week. But during this time do not let the opportunity of profit in the field or business be known by hand, otherwise you may regret later. You will get the benefit of investment or contact made in the past. By the end of the week, the economic situation will continue to strengthen. Will meet new colleagues. Credit to traders is the sum of collections. On November 22, the day will be spent with family members. Marriageable young men / women may have a relationship. Intense love will come. The time of employed people is beneficial.

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