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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Ulta Chor Kotwal Ko Dante: Chinese scientists claim coronavirus has spread from India, not from china

Surrounded by China for not warning the world about the epidemic in time, China has now begun its maneuvering. 
He has started spreading illusions about the origin of Corona virus. The Chinese government recently claimed that the epidemic had spread to other parts of the world, including Italy, before the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan. Amid ongoing tensions in Ladakh, Chinese scientists have now alleged that the corona virus has spread from India to the world for the first time. However, experts have dismissed China's claims. Let us know what the whole issue is

A team of scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said the coronavirus was introduced in India in the summer of 2019 as far as possible. The Chinese team claimed that the corona virus had entered humans through water contaminated with animals. He then arrived in Wuhan, where the corona virus was first identified. In their paper, the Chinese team resorted to phylogenetic analysis (a study of the mutations of the corona virus) to determine the source of the corona virus. Like all other cells, the virus constantly mutates and then spreads. During this time their DNA changes slightly. Chinese scientists have argued that the source of the corona virus can be reached by identifying the virus that has the least mutations.

Chinese scientists using this method claimed that the corona virus found in Wuhan was not a 'real' virus. He said the investigation found indications that the corona virus had originated in Bangladesh, the United States, Greece, Australia, India, Italy, the Czech Republic, Russia or Serbia. Chinese researchers argued that India and Bangladesh had the lowest mutation samples and that China, being a neighboring country, may have been the first to be infected. Based on the time it took for the virus to mutate and samples taken from these countries, Chinese scientists claimed that the corona virus must have first spread in July or August 2019.

"Due to the scarcity of water, wild animals like monkeys often fight badly for water and this definitely increases the risk of contact between humans and wild animals," said Chinese scientists. We speculate that the spread of corona virus from animals to humans was caused by abnormal heat. Chinese scientists also claimed that due to India's poor health system and young population, the disease continued to spread without exposure for several months. He claimed that the corona virus in China came from Europe. So the Wuhan epidemic is only part of it. Let me tell you that the first case of Corona virus was reported in December 2019 in Wuhan, China.

Meanwhile, this false claim of Chinese scientists has been debunked by other scientists. "Chinese research is very flawed and does not increase our understanding of the corona virus at all," David Robertson, an expert at the University of Glasgow in the UK, told the Daily Mail. This is not the first time that China has pointed the finger at other countries for the corona virus instead of Wuhan. China has accused Italy and the US of spreading the Corona virus without evidence. Chinese scientists have blamed India at a time when a dispute between Indian and Chinese troops has been raging in eastern Ladakh since May. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization is currently trying to find the source of the corona virus in China. Evidence from the WHO shows that the corona virus originated in China. The WHO has sent its investigation team to China.

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