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Thursday, November 26, 2020

The woman was shocked to see the 'body' on the beach, relieved to know the fact

There are so many types it's hard to say. 
One such incident has come up recently. About which some pictures have been shared by 
Ocean Hour and the case has been told. He said a woman who looked like a dead body while walking on Perdido Key beach in Florida called 911 (emergency help). But everyone was relieved to know the fact.

It was just a statue

Volunteer Kathleen Perdido was walking along the beach, the Ocean Hour NGO wrote on November 16. When he saw something like a corpse, he initially thought it was a corpse and called 911. However, his investigation revealed that he was just a statue. Not realizing how long this statue would have been floating in the sea. But we were glad to know that it was just a statue.

What did people say?

This post has been shared more than 3.3 thousand times and received 2.5 thousand reactions. At the same time, about a thousand reactions have been received. Where most people are happy that a statue has come out. While many are wondering where did this statue reach the sea?

Pollution reduction appeal

While many of these things are stressful on the beach, people are wondering if this type of waste is dumped into the sea or if it happens by accident. People are also appealing on social media that dumping garbage in the sea proves to be deadly for the creatures living in it.

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