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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Shoulder pain can cause heart disease

New York:
 If you have a complaint of shoulder pain, do not forget to consider it a common problem caused by everyday busyness. A recent study has shown that shoulder pain can also be a sign of risk of heart disease.

According to Professor Kurt Hegmanen of the School of Medicine at the University of Utah in the United States, "If someone has a problem with the shoulder, it is a sign of some other problem." They need to monitor the risk factors for heart disease. "

For this study, researchers analyzed data on 1,226 skilled workers.

The risk factors for most heart diseases were seen in participants, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and shoulder problems in people with diabetes symptoms.

Shoulder pain was 4.6 times higher in participants with symptoms than those who had no signs indicating heart disease.

"Factors associated with heart diseases were more important than problems such as those caused by jobs," said Hegemann.

Hegmann said that it is possible that shoulder discomfort can be reduced by controlling blood pressure and other heart risk factors.

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