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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Remove nail polish without remover

Nail polish is a big part of girls' makeup 
There is no woman who does not like nail polish Red to blue and black are all on the list of girls' favorite colors Girls stand up when they see nail polish in shops If you start seeing one shade after another, it is difficult to move from the shop But for many, nail polish is not changed frequently In the midst of the busyness of work, it is very difficult to apply the remover on the cotton repeatedly and remove the old paint and apply the new nail polish. On the other hand, even if the remover is finished, there is nothing left to do

It's not that you can't take nail polish when the remover is finished There are many ways to get nail polish

Spray deodorant directly on the nails Then rub it with cotton and pick it up 8 has risen like a remover at once If you don't spray once, you can do it a second time But remove the deodorant before it dries

You can use other perfumes like deodorant instead of deodorant However, pour the perfume on cotton and use it

Toothpaste is also very effective in making nail polish It is better to use mint toothpaste Keep rubbing on the nails with a little toothpaste in an old toothbrush. You will see that the nail polish has gone up Then wash the nail well with water

Hand sanitizer also works well as a remover Or any liquid sanitizer 7 It will work faster than even a remover

You can also use hard spray or hair spray for nail polish Spray and rub the nails like deodorant Remove with a thin cloth or cotton or tissue

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