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Monday, November 23, 2020

Princess wife of Dubai ruler had an affair with a bodyguard, thus hiding it

The princess wife of Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has fallen in love with her bodyguard. 
The affair had been going on for a long time between the two. However, Princess Haya paid a huge sum of Rs 12 crore to her bodyguard to cover up the affair and remain silent about it. Princess Haya, 46, is the sixth wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and had a two-year relationship with her own 37-year-old British bodyguard, Russell Flowers. The Daily Mail made the claim based on an ongoing hearing in a British court. The ruler of Dubai divorced Princess Haya in February 2019 under Sharia law without telling her.

The princess gave gifts worth millions of rupees

Princess Haya is said to have given millions of rupees to her bodyguard lover. It also includes a પા 50,000 vintage shotgun and a ,000 12,000 watch. The allegations came in the wake of an ongoing High Court hearing against her 70-year-old husband over custody of children. Princess Haya has managed to get custody of her two children and currently lives in her 85 85 million home in Kensington, West London.

Russell Flowers' married life also broke down

Bodyguard Russell Flowers, on the other hand, also has a broken marriage. His wife is shocked after the affair and his four-year marriage has come to an end. His wife's friends have told how she came to know about her husband's affair. A close friend of his wife told Mail Online that Russell's wife felt that her husband had been tempted to give her expensive gifts and money. The Princess gave Russell many expensive gifts and asked him to keep the affair private.

Russell is always with her at night when Princess is in Britain

The friend further said that during her travels abroad, the princess always insisted that she be given a connecting room. When he was in the UK he would go for a walk with Russell every night and often he would not even return until morning. I also told Russell to stop all this and become his wife's loving husband. Another family friend said his wife had often seen him receiving phone calls and text messages when he came home at night.

Russell has lived with Princess fulltime since 2016

Russell served in the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment for five years and began working with the full-time princess in 2016. It is said that after a lot of trips with the Princess he was given a Rolex and other expensive watches. The Royal Family has always had respect with their bodyguards, the friend said. Sheikh used to pay 5,000 5,000 to 15 15,000 for a trip. But the gifts Russell received were far more expensive.

The wife's suspicion of getting a condom from the bag became strong

A close friend said he became suspicious when his wife saw pictures of Haya in a swimming costume. Russell's wife later found a packet of condoms in his washbag. His wife was shocked and learned that Russell's affair was going on. The friend added that a few months later Russell told his wife that he no longer loved her but at the same time he denied having an affair with the princess.

He left his wife in 2017

Russell left his wife in 2017 and later divorced. A friend said Russell should be ashamed of what he did to his wife. His behavior was extremely bad. Haya should also be ashamed of being mad behind a married man. There should be no excuses for that. She was able to do this because of her money and power and her affair ruined the lives of many people.

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