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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Not Amit Shah, this time Owaisi will drop Congress government in Rajasthan

These days, if any coin is going on in Indian politics, it is AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi. 
Ever since his party captured 5 assembly seats in Bihar, his influence in national politics has increased considerably. Now that it is clear that Asaduddin Owaisi will try his luck in the Bengal Assembly elections, there is speculation that Owaisi will try to get his coin in Rajasthan as well. This news has now raised the concern of 
Congress .

As per Hindustan News  report , According to sources, Owaisi can announce the president of his party in Rajasthan after the Bengal elections. Preparations are being made through social media for Owaisi to call a big meeting here. This means that soon the AIMIM party can increase its activism in Rajasthan.

Once confined to Hyderabad in Telangana, AIMIM won 5 seats in Bihar's Seemanchal region. Apart from this, his party also made a tremendous dent in the vote bank of Congress and RJD, because when an actual party fighting for the interests of Muslims is in the fray, why would Muslim voters give priority to the leaders playing minority cards? 

Now what will be the loss for Rajasthan Congress? The possible arrival of the ruling party Owaisi in Rajasthan is a matter of concern as Muslim voters have influence in about 40 assembly seats here, out of which 10 are currently Muslim MLAs. These seats have been dominated by the Congress party for years, and till now the votes here go to the Congress account. If AIMIM reaches its footsteps in Rajasthan too, there is a possibility of a big breach in this vote bank of Congress.

There is an important reason behind this - the alleged neglect of Muslims in Rajasthan Congress. According to the report in Hindustan , ".. In view of the Muslim organizations' displeasure over not getting tickets for the civic elections and the mayor, many disgruntled Muslim leaders of Congress are contacting Owaisi. There are currently 10 Muslim MLAs in the state and all of them are currently members of the Congress. It also has an MLA, Saleh Mohammed, a cabinet minister in the government. 

Now Rajasthan Assembly has a total of 200 seats , of which Congress currently has 105 seats, i.e. 4 seats more than the majority. In such a situation, if 10 Congress MLAs go with Owaisi, then the Rajasthan government will come in a minority. Even if the Congress somehow manages the current situation, it is sure to suffer a huge loss in the upcoming elections i.e. the 2023 elections. 

So who will benefit the most? The secular votes of AIMIM from Rajasthan which went to the Congress in a lump-sum manner, now the AIMIM party will make a dent. It is clear that Owaisi's party will grow in stature and there will be a triangular contest in Rajasthan. Whenever there is a triangular contest in a state, then the Bharatiya Janata Party has got a tremendous majority. Take Bihar for example. Earlier, the fight was only visible between Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav's coalition parties, but the arrival of Owaisi completely reversed the dice, with the BJP benefiting the most. Now that AIMIM has made a roadmap to make a dent in Rajasthan, the presence of their party in the upcoming elections will ensure the victory of the BJP but the Congress will also have a big loss here.

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