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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Never post these things on Facebook

New Delhi: In
 today's era, Facebook has no match in the matter of social networking. If you are not updating your status at this time, then you will either be uploading photos or taking part in some weird quiz on Facebook. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have started sharing many such personal information about ourselves on Facebook, about which we usually do not like to talk to anyone. We think that if we have set our privacy settings correctly, then there is nothing to worry and we feel completely safe between our friend circles.

The real problem is that we never get to know who is reading about us on Facebook or gathering information. It is possible that one of our friends downloads such an application, which causes his account to be hacked. It is also possible that our friend forgets to logout and some of his uncle or information starts using his account. In such a situation, for the safety of yourself and your family, you should never post these five things on Facebook:

(1) Complete birthday of himself and his family:

We are very happy to read the "Happy Birthday" message on our Facebook wall on the birthday. This is the reason why most of us do celebrate our birthday on Facebook, but while doing so we forget that we are giving very personal information about ourselves to the thieves. By the way, we should avoid mentioning the birth date, but still if you want to do this, then at least do not give any information about the birth year. Anyway, those who will be your true and sure friends will know about your birthday.

(2) Relationship status :

Whether you are in relation or not, it is wise not to disclose it publicly. If you sing your status with a committed, then you get a chance to those people who were after you for a long time. This also lets them know that now you are alone for most of the time. In such a situation, it would be better to leave the relationship status blank in your profile.

(3) Current location:

There are many people who like to tag location on Facebook so that they can tell where they live 24/7. That is, you have been openly declaring that you are on holidays (and there is no one in your house). On this, if you also tell how many days you have gone out, then the work of thieves becomes easy and they easily plot to clean their hands at your house. It would be good that when you return from vacation, you should upload photos and tell your friends that while they were working, you were busy in walking, eating and shopping.

(4) If you are alone at home, then take special precautions:

Parents should take special care that neither their children nor children write anything about it on their Facebook account when their children are alone at home. Anyway, when you are alone at home, then do not go to a stranger's house and inform him about it, then do not do this on Facebook.

We think that only our friends are reading our status, but in reality we do not know who is reading it. It is possible that your friend's account has been hacked or someone is secretly reading your status while standing behind him in the office. The best way is that you do not upload any status on Facebook, which you will never share with a stranger.

(5) Do not tag the pictures of children with their names:

We love our children very much. We can go to any extent to keep them safe, but most people tag a lot of photos and videos of their children randomly. Not only this, many times we make his photo our profile picture. Nine out of 10 parents are such that they post their child's full name and date and time on Facebook while still in the hospital after delivery.

We post photos of our children and tag them and their friends with our siblings, cousins ​​and other relatives. This information can be used by crooks to entertain your child. To win the trust of your children, they can call them by name as well as name their friends and relatives so that they can be convinced that they are not strangers. In this way, they gradually make their place in the heart of children and then carry out their evil intentions.

If you are also uploading pictures of your children, then avoid giving their full name and date of birth. By the way, what is the need to upload more photos?

Finally think twice before tagging your friends or children of relatives. Maybe due to the reasons given above, they may not want you to tag their children's photos. It would be better if you email them a photo and if they wish, they will tag them themselves.

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